Can’t attend a conference because you’re in intense fundraising mode? We’ve got you covered!

🌟 Apply to attend EthWarsawVC, taking place during ETHWarsaw Conference!

ETHWarsaw is the biggest Ethereum conference taking place in Poland, with 2 days full of talks, panels and workshops, followed by intense 2-day marathon of hacking for the biggest prizes. We’ve welcomed teams from all over the world, partnered with universities and top startups in the industry to bring Ethereum ecosystem closer to home for you. Last year nearly 1000 participants tuned in to talks about scalability, security and adoption and 200 hackers competed for nearly 70k in prizes. This year we’re expanding our offering - the event will be a part of Warsaw Blockchain Week, a series of events organised by different teams focusing on global crypto adoption.

🔎 What is ETHWarsawVC?

One of the events we\re hosting alongside EthWarsaw is EthWarsawVC - this venture aims to bridge the gap between VCs and blockchain projects/companies in search of funding. Like similar events, it will create an opportunity for VCs and carefully selected blockchain-based projects to connect and exchange ideas over an intense 1-day program.

EthWarsawVC Pitch Room opens its doors to VCs and prospecting startups on Friday, the 1st of September. This exclusive space will be dedicated to selected teams, giving them the opportunity to pitch their projects to our community of investors, both VCs and Angels. The access will be limited to only pitching startups and interested investors.

🗣️ How to apply as a founder?

Submit your application here. We will ask you about your company profile, your bio and fundraising asks and pass this along to investors attending the event. The applications will be reviewed by our team prior to the event to ensure highest quality of the event. Once you’re accepted, you will receive an email from our team with the details and your conference discount code (50% off!). You need to have a valid conference ticket to participate in ETHWarsawVC!

💸 How to apply as a VC or angel?

Submit your investment profile here and await our response. We will contact every company and angel investor to tailor an experience that will work uniquely for you. Expect a diverse range of equity-based and token-based projects.

🏛️ About the time and place

The event will take place on September 1st in the Main Building of Politechnika Warszawska. We will make sure the venue is quiet and comfortable enough for a peaceful discussion. Expect more details soon!

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to connect with promising blockchain projects and expand your VC network. Join us at EthWarsawVC!

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